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Important Tips to Protect your Sprinkler System from Freezes

The past few winters have hit us with unnecessary repair costs that could have been prevented. Winterize your sprinkler system by following the instructions on our website or call us to do it for you. This procedure is recommended with freeze warnings.

  1. Run your system manually to water root base of plants. This will help the roots of your plants keep from freezing.
  2. Go to this link for FEBCO directions http://jerman.com/backflowpreventers/FEBCO/ssfp765.pdf
  3. Go to this link for Wilkins https://www.backflow-prevention-services.com/files/Wilkins/Wilkins-445E4d01.pdf
  4. Any exposed PVC pipes above the ground should also be insulated and/or wrapped with tape.
  5. Turning off the controller will not help with freezing pipes outside. You must follow the steps above to avoid possible damage to the pipes.
  6. If you don't want to handle yourself, call or email for service.


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