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So many of our clients kept asking us if we did fertilization and we decided to go ahead and say YES! Fertilizer replaces and replenishes the essentials your lawn needs for a great look.

Grass needs the correct amount of water and sunshine to be healthy and green, but don't forget to fee it, too! Your lawn needs nutrients to thrive and survive.

Lawn fertilization will also strengthen the root system of your grass, allowing it to absorb water quickly during heavy rains. This will help reduce flooding and muddy spots in the yard. Without a properly fertilized lawn, the grass will lose that healthy, lush green appearance and will begin turning brown as that summer sun heats up.


Lesco Winterizer granules 8-4-20:

A Winterizer is a fall fertilizer application designed to help lawns store more food for winter survival, and to encourage thick and rapid growth and rooting in the spring. A lawn Winterizer is NOT meant to encourage fall growth of grass.

Pillar G fungicide granules for control of turf diseases including brown patch, take off patch, and gray leaf spot.


Lesco Cross-Check EZ granules:

Lesco Cross-Check EZ granules insecticide to control ants, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, ticks, sod webworms, and chinch bugs.



Dylox 6.2 granules for White Grub Larvae:

Dylox 6.2 granules to control White Grub Larvae (such as larvae of Asiatic garden beetle, black turfgrass ataenius, European chafer, green June beetle, Japanese beetle, Aphodius spp., May or June beetles (Phyllophaga spp.), northern and southern masked chafers (Cyclocephala spp.), oriental beetle and sugarcane grubs (Tomarus spp.)), Mole crickets, Annual bluegrass weevil, Sod webworms, cranberry girdler, Cutworms and Armyworms

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